Please read the COVID safety requirements established by The Crossing Community Church.  All particpants must adhere to these policies in order for us to use their facility.  

The Crossing Community Church (TCCC) welcomes you.

Common COVID expectations:

Players, Coaches and spectators shall perform a Personal Health Check before attending any event. 

Anyone showing symptoms or directly exposed to COVID should not participate.

Positive test or direct exposure will need a negative test result plus 3 days of being symptom free before participation may resume.

Crossing Community Church:

1. Spectators must be properly masked 100% of the time they are inside the building.

2. Spectators shall abide by social distancing standards 100% of the time they are inside the building.

3. Spectators shall remain in the Lobby and shall not enter the Gym unless invited into the Gym by a coach such as in the case of a player injury.

4. Practice can be viewed from the Lobby side of the glass wall separating the Gym and Lobby.  Viewing space along the glass wall is limited due to the length of the glass and required social distancing.

5. Players must be masked between the parking lot and the Gym while arriving and departing and if they leave the Gym to use the restrooms.

6. Players are not required to wear masks while actively involved in practice, but they may wear masks if desired.