Spring 2022 Recreational Tournament Rules

Below you will find all the info you should need for the upcoming tournament on May 6-8.

Just a few side notes:

1. If you are listed as the home team, wear your blue jerseys, away team is red jerseys.

2. Medals will be given to all players who make the finals.

3. Please have yourself and your team arrive at least 15  minutes before your first game to be checked in. We will be checking your player roster (NO GUEST PLAYERS)

5. Tournament check in will be at your game field.  All games are at the HOSA Soccer Complex, 6371 Scioto Darby Road.

HOSA Recreational Cup Tournament Spring 2022

Standard of Conduct – All visitors to HOSA fields are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct, keeping in mind they are a guest in a public area with children present. The use of foul, abusive, or threatening language will not be tolerated. Should it come to the attention of tournament officials, any person, persons, or team has conducted themselves inappropriately, the Tournament Director reserves the right to take remedial action, which may include a deduction of team points, forfeiture of a game, expulsion of the person, persons, or team from the tournament, or banning of a team or club from future HOSA tournament events.

Alcoholic Beverages – Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at HOSA fields. The use and consumption of any alcoholic beverage immediately before, during, or immediately after the playing of any youth soccer match is expressly prohibited. Any player or team official who violates this prohibition will be subject to disciplinary action and/or suspension by the Tournament Director.

Guest players 

Guest players are *NOT allowed.

· Only players listed on a Recreational roster will be allowed to play in the tournament.

*Should an unforeseen situation arise and it becomes necessary for a team to have guest players, the request will be evaluated by the tournament officials with the final decision to grant such requests falling to the Tournament Director. 

  • Guest players must be age appropriate for the age group in which they plan to play.

Game Schedules

8/9U Boys – 2 Brackets.  Teams in each bracket will play 2 games between Friday/ Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.  Winner of each bracket advances to the championship game on Sunday.

8/9U Girls, 10/11U Girls, 10/11U Boys, 12/13U Coed Divisions – 2 Brackets.  Teams in each bracket will play 2 games between Friday/Saturday  Winner of each bracket on Saturday advances to the championship game on Sunday.

Scoring - Scoring used to determine team standings at the end of group play will be based on a three (3) point system:

• Win = 3 points 

• Tie = 1 point

• Loss = 0 Points 

 Tie Breakers - The following tie breakers will be employed for the tournament:

• Group Play - If at the end of group play, if two or more teams are tied, the group (or wild card) winner will be determined using the following order of tie breakers listed below. In the event there are more than 2 teams tied after the first team is advanced the two or more remaining teams will begin the tie breaker from the beginning of the process until a team to advance is determined:

◦ Winner of head-to-head competition

◦ Highest goal difference; sum of goals scored minus sum of goals allowed (a maximum of 5 goals per match in each category)

◦ Highest goals scored; sum of goals scored (up to five per match)

◦ Lowest goals scored against; sum of goals allowed (up to five per match)

◦ Penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game

• Semi-Final/Final - If a tie exists at the end of regulation playing time in a semi-final or final match, an overtime period consisting of two (2) five-minute halves will be played. No “golden goal.” If, at the end of the overtime period, the score remains tied; penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game to decide the winner.


Inclement Weather and Playing Conditions

 Teams will be expected to play regardless of weather conditions. The Tournament Director will determine if playing conditions warrant the postponement or cancellation of any scheduled games. The Tournament Director has the authority to modify any and all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully. Referees shall retain the right to decide if safe playing conditions exist.

• Lightning - If lightning is detected, all games will be suspended, and all players, officials, and spectators will be required to leave the fields and take shelter, preferably in their personal vehicle for a minimum of 30 minutes.  The 30 minute count begins again if there are additional thunder/lightning strikes.  If possible, games will resume once lightning has cleared the area.

• Rescheduled Games - In the event games are rescheduled due to weather, it is the responsibility of the team’s coach or manager to check with Tournament Headquarters or the HOSA website for reschedule information on the same day as the match is suspended.

• Field Closures - Refer to the HOSA website homepage for field closures.

• Incomplete Matches - Matches will be considered complete if at least one half has elapsed, and play is terminated by the Field Referee or Tournament Director. The score at stoppage of play will be considered the final score. If one half of the match has not elapsed and the match is stopped, every effort will be made to reschedule the match. 

• In the event the tournament is canceled, either in whole or part, HOSA is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team.

Forfeits - If a scheduled team does not report for play within Fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time, the match may be declared a forfeit. All forfeits will be scored at the conclusion of the qualifying rounds as follows:

• The team that “wins by forfeit” will be deemed to have won the game 4-0.

• For the purpose of awarding points, the team that “wins by forfeit” will receive 3 points for the win.


Player medals will be awarded as follows:

Medals are awarded to the champion and finalist

Uniforms and Player Equipment 

All members of the same team must wear jerseys of the same color, except for the goalkeeper who will wear a different color to distinguish them from both teams and the referees. 

Sidelines – Teams and spectators shall seat themselves as follows:

◦ Both teams will be seated on the same side of the field.  Spectators will be seated on the opposite sides of the field and must remain behind the painted line at all times.

No persons may stand behind the goal line at any time during a match.      

 Match Rules and Policies

 Rules of Play – Tournament matches will be played in accordance with current FIFA “Laws of the Game” as modified herein:

• Ohio Soccer Association rules of competition will apply to all matches unless otherwise noted.

• All recreational players must play at least 50% of every game.

Coaches are not allowed on the field except in the event of an injury.

 Kickoff – Kickoff will take place at the time shown on the tournament schedule. If a team is not present and ready to play within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled kickoff time, the match may be considered a forfeit.

 Match Format/Length - All matches will be regulation length as shown below, conditions permitting. The Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten games in the event of inclement weather or other warranted conditions. Overtime period and penalty kick tie breakers will only apply in the semi-final and Finals.

Division Age 8/9U

Format 7v7

Game Time:  Four 12 Minute quarters

Overtime:  Two 5-Minute halves


Divisions Age 10-11U

Format 7v7

Game Time: Two 25 Minute Periods 

Overtime: Two 5-Minute Halves


Division 12/13U

Format 9v9

Game Time:  Two 30 Minute Periods

Overtime:  Two 5 Minute Halves


NOTE:  The game clock will not stop except in the case where an injured player must be removed from the field by medical personnel. In the case of extreme hot or humid conditions, water breaks may be designated by the tournament director. The clock will stop for water breaks.

Heading Rule: In 2016 USYS issued a new rule on heading by young players. In an effort to comply with that rule all Recreational teams and players, in this tournament, shall not be allowed to head the ball. If a player deliberately heads the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team at the site of the penalty. 


10/11U and 12/13U.   At the referee’s discretion, substitutions shall be unlimited and be permitted at any stoppage of play. Substitutions at times other than halftime shall be made at the halfway line. Players may only enter the field with the permission of the Referee or Assistant Referee after the substituted player leaves the field.  

8-9U. At the referee’s discretion, substitutions shall be unlimited and be permitted at any stoppage of play.  Substitutions at times other than between quarters shall be made at the halfway line.  Players may only enter the field with the permission of the Referee or Assistant Referee after the substituted player leaves the field.  


Conclusion of Match/Reporting - At the conclusion of the match, the Field Referee shall complete the scorecard in detail and submit to the appropriate tournament staff within 30 minutes of completion of the match. The Tournament Staff will maintain an up-to-date list of all red and yellow cards issued during the tournament. A player that receives three (3) yellow cards will be prohibited from playing in the next scheduled game. A red-carded Player or Coach will receive an automatic one-game suspension and the Tournament Director will review continued participation. Field Referees will be notified if a team has an ineligible Player or Coach for their match.  All cautions and red cards will be reported to the Tournament Director.


Protests and Appeals - No protests or appeals will be heard unless an extreme situation, deemed extreme by the Tournament Director, happens.

The Tournament Director, a Referee Staff, and one Tournament staff member will determine whether or not such action materially affected the outcome of the match. If, in their opinion, the outcome was materially affected, they may take whatever remedial action they deem appropriate. The decision of the Tournament Director is final and an appeal of the decision will not be allowed. No judgment calls made by the referee may be protested.


Team Discipline

The Tournament Committee will uphold all suspensions of players and/or coaches, as appropriate.

An ejected player or coach who is “Sent Off” is ineligible for their team’s next scheduled match. This includes semi-final and final matches.

Any player ejected due to violent conduct will be sent off immediately from the game and prohibited from playing the remainder of the tournament.

Each player or coach who becomes ineligible for his/her team’s next match under the items above will cause his/her team to lose one (1) point in the tournament standings.

The team’s coach is responsible for the actions of his or her team staff, players, and spectators. Verbal abuse of referees, players, and/or spectators will not be tolerated, and a team’s head coach may be disciplined for such. Such actions may also result in termination and forfeiture of the match and/or expulsion from the tournament.

Any coach who has been ejected from the match must remove him or herself out of “sight and sound” from the playing field within two (2) minutes of ejection or risk match forfeiture. Communication from an ejected coach to the team or team staff is not permitted and may result in the match being a forfeit.

Any coach, or trainer, who withdraws his or her team from the field during a match, will receive a red card and his or her team will forfeit the match.

Field Referees will note all prior ejections of players, coaches, or trainers as furnished by the Tournament Director before the match time and ensure that any such ineligible player or coach does not participate in the match. Field Referees will also notify the Referee Assignor ejections in the match just completed by clearly noting it on the match form turned in at the Tournament/Referee Headquarters.

The Tournament Director will make note of the ejections and other offenses for further action, if needed.

Tournament Director

It is the responsibility of the Tournament Director to understand and employ these rules in a manner consistent with fair play and the spirit of the game. For issues not specifically addressed herein, and/or for issues that become subject to interpretation, all decisions made by the Tournament Director are final and binding.