Age Offside Heading Out of Bounds Time
U5/6   4v4 NO NO

Throw ins 

multiple chances until done correctly

8 min. Quarters
U-7   5v5 NO NO

Throw ins

multiple chances until done correctly

10 min. Quarters
U-8/9   7v7

offside is called in the final 4th of the field (from build out line to goal line)

NO Throw ins 1 redo 12 min. Quarters
U-10/11  7v7 YES NO Throw ins 1 Chance 25 min. Half
U-12/13  9V9 YES YES Throw ins 1 Chance 30 min. Half

8U/9U DIVISION ONLY The Buildout Line rule: on the 7v7 fields (the “C” fields), there are dotted lines between the top of the Penalty area (big box) and the center line – one on each side of the field; this is the Buildout Line. When there is a goal kick, or when the keeper has possession of the ball, the opposing team (the team who was just attacking) must retreat behind the buildout line. The retreating team (now the defending team) must wait for the ball to touch one other player before being able to encroach back into that side of the field. The purpose for this line is to create an atmosphere where teams are building out of the back instead of just punting the ball and losing possession.



Location of Practices/Games:
Hilliard Soccer Complex
6371 Scioto Darby Rd.
Hilliard, OH 43026

Practices start 2  weeks before the first game.  Length of practice is up to 60 minutes.

IMPORTANT - Always check the goals to make sure the are staked down before every practice.  Please do not practice near any goal that is not properly staked (all our goals are staked and checked throughout the season but we do have occasional vandalism that mess with the goals).  Coaches may practice in green space anytime they must deviate from their assigned practice night/field unless there is a field not already being occupied.  Coaches are free to contact other coaches to set up scrimmages, prior permission from HOSA/LRSL is not required. In the event of practice cancellation due to weather or a need for a change in practice day/time, please email Kim at admin@locomotivesc.com with your request.  There are other Locomotive programs using the fields and even though you may think a field is available because of the rec practice schedule, that may not be the case.

Please check the Field Status on home page of website to see if fields are open  - field status is updated by 4:00 each day.   HOSA does not cancel practices due to bad weather but will cancel for poor field conditions - it is up to each coach to cancel due to bad weather conditions for practices only.  HOSA determines whether games are on due to weather/field conditions.